I don’t know if you can see The changes that have come over me

I just wanted to share a beautiful moment from last night;

I was sitting on the floor with my friend who was drunk and in need of a bucket. My other friend decided to sing her ‘Caledonia’ It was possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in a long time and i found myself overwhelmed with emotions and memories of my late grandfather.  I started to cry and i almost immediately felt a hand on my shoulder and a hand got extended to me. Without much thought i took it and followed a new friend where he sat down and comforted me to a point where i could talk.  I then told him i was thinking of my grandpa and how much i missed him. He once again took my hand and brought me outside where he made me look at a cloudy sky that had just the slightest tint of red to it. He told me it meant someone was missing you too.  When i told him the hole story about how i felt I could never forgive myself for not saying goodbye he once again made me look up and tell him how much i missed him. I then proceeded to just cry to my hearts content and he stayed there with me. 

People like that truly make me happy and what i inspire to be like.

Thanks fire dude.

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